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“Iain Belcher creates a wave of relaxation with the down-to-earth alternative rock glory of “Becomes Us.” Shades of Real Estate and Modest Mouse abounding, the song is perfect for a warm-weather hangout.

The lyrics fit the mood, acting as abstract visions and phrases that could be interpreted freely, like the sway of the song’s melody.

The last 30 seconds change the tone a bit, offering up an eerie but interesting conclusion that takes the listener back into reality after three minutes of utter bliss.

Check out “Becomes Us,” from the album Clear Future, ” – Jason Klaiber

” Vancouver based Experimental Post Pop artist Iain Belcher has just released his latest single We Disappear from the album Clear Future. As soon as the track kicked into verse I couldn’t help but place the reminiscence of his sound with one of my favourite Acoustic artists of all time Jack Johnson. It’s punchy, stylishly textured, ethereally pleasing and more importantly instantaneously cathartic. I could have got lost in the acoustic guitar alone, yet behind Iain Belcher’s sound was a cacophonic array of instrumental affect that may have bled some of the most poignant upbeat rhythms I may have ever heard. It may sound like high praise, yet, there isn’t a flaw to be found in We Disappear.

With the lyrics Iain Belcher sets up a sweet narrative over the crisp strumming of his guitar which allows his latest track We Disappear to overflow with soulful emotion through succinct vocal harmony.

You can check out Iain Belcher’s single We Disappear which was released April 13th, 2018 on BandCamp now.” – Amelia Vandergast

“Really like the discordant nature of ‘Becomes Us’, off-kilter slacker rock that is rich in 90’s inspiration. The best part however is how the singing and chords meld to make for something altogether bigger, floating on a layer of bubbling arrangements and doesn’t appear to have any particular start, middle or end. Kept on thinking of Modest Mouse circa ‘The Moon & Antarctica’ and Number One Cup ‘Wrecked By Lions’ which is a very good thing indeed. ” – KH

“Iain Belcher is an Actor / Musician creating sounds out of Vancouver, BC. Although he’s yet to emerge out of the sea of noise, he has produced over 200 songs since 2012 and continues to evolve as a musician and recording artist with every release. With complex soundscapes, intricate musicianship, and unique song structure, his raw-authentic sound reveals more with every listen and grows on you over-time. His newest album “Clear Future” provides more unique vibes with floating vocals over math-rock influenced instrumentation, and interesting progressions.

Clear Future” is a result of 4 years chipping away, layering instruments one after another. It shows a big evolution and maturity over previous releases like “Simple Builds”, as the focus of the music that was previously on VST-Instruments, turns to live instrumentation and a more cohesive sound. The recording is raw like an early Appleseed Cast, or Dismemberment Plan album , but multiple listens brings out more  – like a Daniel Johnston effect. The album ranges from smooth instrumentals, technical math-rock sections, more mainstream grooves, and post-rock builds. ”

Interview with Permanent Rain Press

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