Iain belcher

Professional Communicator. Blockchain Enthusiast. Freediver.

The fundamental underlying principles primary to the revolutionary power of Bitcoin serve as a blueprint for how technology can be engineered to bring radical positive change to failing, unfair, and unaccountable systems. This opens the door to important opportunities to disrupt other failing systems and technologies. Advertising-motivated, data-focused, often malicious web2 monopolized ecosystems and applications need to be disrupted with the use of those same underlying principles that include:

– Decentralization
– Transparency
– Trustless mechanisms
– Open-source collaboration
– Permission-less systems
– Voluntary participation
– Individual data ownership, monetization, and control

Through narrative, text, media, and marketing, I am driven to empower the masses with opportunities to voluntarily participate in emerging disruptive technologies and, in the many ways I can, realize the most equitable and transparent potential web3 future.