Iain Belcher

Hello friend 🙂 My name is Iain, I am a Canadian-born communications professional. I grew up in India and Indonesia, where I discovered and fell in love with the performing arts. Through acting, directing, writing, and performing, I was able to explore and discover strategies to adapt, connect, and communicate to audiences. After graduating with honors and a focus in IB Theatre, I then attended Vancouuver Film School. Equipped with new skills and awards, I journeyed into the British Columbia film & television industry as a professional actor, teacher, casting director, and entrepreneur. 

After 10+ years as a professional in the film & television industry, I had amassed deep experience on 70+ high-budget productions and was awarded for my work. Inspired by a growing desire to continue learning, evolving, and applying my experience in new industries, I attended Royal Roads University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication. With my vast experience and education, I consciously directed my professional energy towards a then growing passion: Web3, and emerging blockchain technologies.