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By iainbelcherSeptember 22, 2022In Cryptocurrencies

Verox – Project Overview Article

Ninety-five percent of day traders lose money. Part of this is due to emotional trading in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market, which results in most traders selling at a loss – especially those newer to the space. Cryptocurrency investing provides so much opportunity for investors to generate profit – but with the volatility of the market, as well as knowledge base required to be successful or maintain consistent profits, the barrier to entry is very high. With the innovation and growth in the cryptocurrency and DeFi space, traders also face the immense challenge of navigating market saturation, on top of extreme market volatility. This problem is exemplified not only by the numerous investment opportunities, but also by the growing number of products and tools used by traders for researching, trading, and exchanging cryptocurrencies online.

Verox brings together the best innovative solutions in the DeFi space and integrates never before seen tools and products, so that anyone can participate in cryptocurrency investing to generate consistent profit and minimize losses. With Verox, users can research coins and investment opportunities, discover exact moments to buy and sell for profit, deploy automated trading bots to generate profit without worry, earn rewards through staking VRX, and exchange tokens on a low-fee DEX with substantial aggregated liquidity. These tools come in the form of key Verox products, which are: VeroxAI, VeroxDEX, and Verox automated trading bot.

Central to the entire Verox ecosystem is the Verox Artificial Intelligence. The VeroxAI algorithms generate invaluable information for providing accurate buy/sell signals displayed right on charts, social media and buzz, trend gauge, and more. After carefully performance testing the VeroxAI, one thing is clear – VeroxAI gives investors an edge unparalleled by any other single or combination of products and tools. VeroxAI ensures that traders – no matter their experience or knowledge – stay ahead of market moves, outsmart whales, and maximize profit while minimizing risk. So, what are these tools? What is VeroxAI?

VeroxAI (beta) (iOS, Web, Android):

VeroxAI is the way to get into cryptocurrency investing if you have no idea what you are doing and want to get the ball rolling, generate consistent profit, and minimize risk. It is also the way for experienced traders to get the edge over other traders, validate and protect their own setups, and stay ahead of the market. VeroxAI is the all-in-one crypto analysis, research, and signals application. What was stated above is worth repeating: The VeroxAI algorithm generates and displays Buy/Sell signals on over 8,000 coins, working at >85% accuracy right on TradingView charts. So, what this means for a new investor is the following: VeroxAI will show you what to buy, when to buy it, and when to sell it for profit. Find a coin in the top picks, turn on notifications to find out exactly when a buy signal is printed on the chart. Buy that coin on the exchange of your choice. When a sell signal is triggered – sell for a profit and wait for the next buy signal to repeat the process and generate steady profits. For the experienced user, VeroxAI signals will greatly benefit your analysis and provide invaluable data to build into your TA and knowledge-base. Basically, you get the smartest trading AI on your team – and this is a measurable advantage. Performance testing results generated by testing the signals on previous price data are available and can be explored freely. VeroxAI has multiple modules in which unique combinations of machine-learning algorithms work together to provide investment ideas and metrics for analysis and research. For instance, the Top Picks section is a constantly updated list of promising investment opportunities due to the algorithm after it has crunched the following data: sentiment analysis (Twitter/Reddit), technical analysis (TA libraries), fundamental analysis (Github project developer data). Users of the VeroxAI app also get Score Analyzer, Dashboard, Admin Calls, Best Long Term Investments, and more. An important module to highlight is the automated trading bot, explored in further detail below.

VeroxAI Subscription

VeroxAI subscription is required for access to the tools of the app and is available in two tiers.

The Starter Plan is $120/month (USD, paid in VRX) and includes all charts, real time signals, price alerts, buy/sell alerts, top picks, most mentioned, biggest volume changes, passive income panel, voting, and admin calls. The

Pro Plan is $200/month (USD, paid in VRX) and includes all the features of the Starter Plan, but also the Score Analyzer, Long Term Investment panel, and the Automated Trading Bot. It’s important to remember that VeroxAI plans are priced in USD equivalents of $VRX. Therefore, as the $VRX token appreciates in value, if you HODL your $VRX, you will spend less and less $VRX to maintain your subscription.

Automated Trading Bot

This is where the magic happens. As part of VeroxAI features available to users who pay for the Pro Plan, an automated trading bot can be deployed that will trade (buy/sell) any given cryptocurrency according to the signals generated by the VeroxAI algorithm. Wait what? Yes… The most accurate trading artificial intelligence can be connected to an exchange to buy and sell on your behalf. For new users, this means you don’t need to learn how to chart, use indicators, know what a Fibonacci retracement means, so on and so on. Set up an account on an exchange, choose a coin, and let the AI trade for you for profit. For more experienced traders, the bot gives you a phenomenal opportunity to protect your profits in case of a rapid downswing in the market. Yes, you could set stop losses and periodically raise or lower them, but nothing beats the accuracy and hands-off consistent profit from the VeroxAI automated trading bot. For new users interested in getting started, contact our mods on Telegram or Don’t hesitate – no matter your experience. We want to help you get setup and experience exciting exposure to cryptocurrency markets. Verox is working to build tools that incorporate the best features available on the market – and level them up with Verox artificial intelligence. The next Verox product set to bring never before seen features to benefit traders and investors – is a revolution in exchanges. We get into this next.

The Decentralized Exchange

What is an exchange? An exchange is where traders can buy and sell currencies with other traders – in this case, cryptocurrencies. Exchanges currently exist in two main forms: centralized and decentralized. Centralized exchanges, like Coinbase, Binance, etc., are the most common and heavily used. They require you to deposit cryptocurrencies into an account controlled by the exchange. Alternatively, many exchanges also offer users the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat (government issued currency) via credit card or other means. This, in the industry, is what is known as an on-ramp. Once your coins are in your exchange wallet, users can trade currencies with relatively low fees. Exchanges can offer low fees, because they can manage currency trades internally and realize payouts when a withdrawal is requested. Another benefit is high levels of liquidity – which means a high volume of buyers and sellers executing transactions in a given period. So yes, lower fees and consistent high liquidity are a plus, but there are also many drawbacks of centralized exchanges. A common phrase in the Cryptoshpere is: “not your keys, not your coins”. What this refers to is ownership of your cryptocurrencies. When you deposit into centralized exchanges – there is no guarantee your cryptocurrencies are safe. While it is unlikely an exchange like Coinbase will totally go down, there have been comprehensive exchange hacks that have lost users their entire balance.

Decentralized exchanges are the alternative. Not only do they provide a model from which liquidity suppliers can be rewarded (centralized exchanges are the sole recipient of exchange fees), but users trading on the exchange can also maintain total control of their cryptocurrency holdings. Furthermore, decentralized exchanges are what the cryptocurrency revolution is all about, namely, decentralization. DEX’s and liquidity pools are brilliant in their design. They require no top-down control and facilitate automatic price movement, democratization of liquidity provision in the form of liquidity pools, and more. The primary downside? Fees – for now. The most used DEX is Uniswap. Uniswap, like other DEX’s, have fees generated by the contract (equivalent to software) that executes the exchange process requiring transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as fees transferred to liquidity providers in the form of rewards. However, DEX’s also provide the exciting possible exposure to all cryptocurrencies, no matter how small or new. CEX’s require projects to pay unimaginable sums of money to get their token listed on the exchange. If a coin is generated on the ETH network – as long as there is liquidity – the coin can be purchased and traded immediately on a DEX that works on the Ethereum chain. The last thing to understand about a DEX is the topic of features, and chain. Features on DEX’s are often less powerful than those found on a CEX. Further, many DEX’s are limited to one chain. For instance, Uniswap allows traders to buy and sell currencies as long as they are on the ETH network. While most altcoins are on the ETH network, many are not. And that list of coins running on non-ETH chains is growing rapidly.


Ok, by now you (hopefully) mostly understand what differentiates the DEX and CEX. But what is Verox doing that brings tangible innovation to exchanges? Aren’t there a lot of DEX’s out there already?

Here are a few reasons VeroxDEX is different:

Multiple Chains: For starters, VeroxDEX allows users to trade tokens on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon chains. VeroxDEX does this by aggregating liquidity from Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Sushiswap.

CEX-level features: VeroxDEX brings in some high-level features in a few places. First, VeroxDEX allows limit and buy-limit orders on a coin on any chain. Second, VeroxDEX has an incorporated full order book. This allows users to keep track of their placed orders on all chains with date, time, and other details. More features are added all the time.

VeroxAI integration: This is where VeroxDEX truly gets multiple steps ahead of any competition. VeroxAI buy/sell signals are accessible on the DEX charts, which assists traders in timing the market absolutely perfectly – and then to execute trades all in the same place.

A new era of investing is here. Verox is cryptocurrency investing 2.0. Verox does not attempt to reinvent the wheel, but rather brings together the most cutting-edge tools available and puts them into one place so all traders can generate steady profits while protecting themselves from the downsides of high market volatility. Whether you are a newcomer to the space, or a veteran with multiple bull runs under your belt, Verox, VeroxAI, and VeroxDEX will give you an edge unlike anything else available. Stay ahead of the market and profit without worry or research.

Verox Native Token

$VRX is Verox’ native token. It is an ERC20 (Ethereum chain) token, with amaximum supply of 47,500. This is already a scarce currency, and with quarterly burns of VRX subscription payments going to a burn wallet, the supply will go down to a final supply of 45,000. VRX is required for VeroxAI subscription, which must be paid in Verox token. This brings substantial utility to the token. To further incentivize holding, 18% staking is available with only a 10-day lock. Solidity Finance has both positively audited the main contract and staking contract.

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