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Verox – Q1, 2022 Press Release

This press release was created to demonstrate the real-world signal testing of the Verox Aritificial Intelligence. This brings hard data to back up Verox algorithm success claims, spreads awareness, and generates interest in the project.

Artificial Intelligence Trading Ecosystem Project VeroxAI Produces Astonishing Q1 Report of Signal Accuracy

–        Current volatile market conditions have proven a perfect test for VeroxAI in-app real-time buy/sell signals at scale. VeroxAI passed with flying colors.

–        Investing 2.0 is here.

We have seen some difficult and erratic cryptocurrency market conditions in the last few years – no more so than right now. Large-caps are falling hard, with mid to low-cap coins falling even harder. Investing and trading cryptocurrencies is already a difficult endeavor, and is almost impossible in these conditions.

Verox has been developing behind the scenes since late 2020, with the mission of using artificial intelligence to facilitate consistent profit and protect gains for professional traders and new investors alike. Verox analyzed the market price-action of four coins over Q1, 2022, and compared results of holding $10,000 worth of each of those coins to the performance of VeroxAI buy/sell signals with the same initial buy-in for the same period. Verox wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the signals – not in ideal conditions for sensationalized and marketed results – but in difficult real-world conditions for honest results. The results demonstrate the immense value of consistent real-time accurate signals as a trading tool. This report highlights the achievements of the early-stage micro-cap following a development-focused year.

The Test

When it came to choosing cryptocurrencies to include in the test, Verox felt so confident in their product that they chose four cryptocurrencies for this report prior to tests. The two top cryptocurrencies by market cap (Bitcoin and Ethereum) represent the coins most commonly traded in the market, and often, the first coins new investors trade as they gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market. Further, Verox chose one mid-cap that performed well in 2021 (Matic), and finally, one mid-cap that performed poorly in 2021 (LTC). While it is impossible to expect the performance of coins that did well in 2021 to continue similarly in the future, these tokens present a real-life portfolio a new user might acquire as they make investment choices in an unpredictable market.

The Results

Given the difficult market conditions, these results are a testament to the immense utility of VeroxAI signals. Trading this market has been highly stressful, with devastating falls, followed by climbs that may seem promising, only to plummet further again. Artificial intelligence brings emotional detachment and stability, which allows calm execution and informed decisions to protect and build profits in the face of the difficult market. Signal groups, private calls, endless research, paid trading courses, and other trading setup resources are no longer necessary components of investing in the space. VeroxAI brings accurate real-time signals for >8,000 currencies. No other solution manages the same accuracy at scale.

Signals are a great addition for investors to add to their tool-belt, but there are even more innovative tools and features developed by Verox to work alongside the signals. This entire toolkit brings never-before seen accessibility to consistent profit for investors at all levels of skill or knowledge levels. These solutions show where cryptocurrency investing is headed. Verox appears to be on the forefront of this future and is in some ways a welcome to investing 2.0.

Investing 2.0

–        Machine learning artificial intelligence

–        Real-time accurate signals

–        AI-generated coin picks & promising investment suggestions

–        Automated Trading Bot to trade the signals automatically via exchange API’s

–        Intelligently curated news

–        Buzz & social media analysis

–        Decentralized exchange with features that rival any centralized exchange (aggregated liquidity, multi-chain, order book, stop limit orders, etc.,)

–        These tools are the future – no trader will want to be without them

–        Solution to emotional trading

Verox is the vanguard of cryptocurrency trading tools of the future. Artificial Intelligence powered signals and features bring such needed stability and consistency to how investors profit and protect profits in the market. To not use these tools would mean to be at a disadvantage. Also, Verox believes the time for mass adoption is now. These tools are the next step in streamlining new users, as they expose themselves to the market and future of more durable and equitable decentralized financial systems. Verox is passionate to play a part in driving the mass adoption of innovative blockchain solutions.

After developing in the background, Verox is ready to show the world what they have been building. Verox is ready to welcome a new wave of users to VeroxAI to put the signals to work. VeroxAI is available for iOS, Android, and at A subscription is required to use the application, but for now, VeroxAI is free to use. Verox is driven to bring new users to cryptocurrency investing, while maximizing ease-of-use and approachable tool-set.

To learn more about Verox, check out the following links and be the first to experience the future of investing:


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